Religion in Aritae is a part of everyday life; this is not to say that every person is devoutly religious. In fact, quite the opposite is true. While most people acknowledge the existence of gods, they do not overly concern themselves with their worship. Offerings are made at appropriate times to different deities for various reasons, but the majority of people simply go about their lives with little thought of what the gods might think or feel. Some deities, however, enjoy a zealous following. Many fanatical cults exist throughout the land, proclaiming their god to be the one true divinity and condemning worshipers of other gods as heretics. However, without any central religious authority to set a standard for heresy, the influence of these cults is limited and they frequently find themselves clashing with other orders over religious ideals. When it comes to the origin of the world, there are numerous creation myths that vary by region and culture, with each of the races often having distinct ideas of their own.

Below is a handful of the major gods worshiped in Aritae. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but instead a small selection of prominent gods not found in the standard Dungeons & Dragons pantheon.

Thuvann, The Skyfather

Khalesh, The Merchant

Borgoff, The Bear

Vellgen, The Crashing God

Unnamed, The Silent


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