Rothar Rockhide

Dwarven paladin of Moradin who seeks to reclaim his family's ancestral hold from those who besmirched his clan's name.


Rothar, like most dwarves, lets his beard grow long but keeps the hair on his head trimmed short and neat in a military like fashion. His beard is on the short side (for a dwarf) on account of his young age. It is as tradition amongst the men of Clan Rockhide to forge beads out of stone or gems after battles of note to commemorate lost brothers and vanquished foes. As Rothar is still young his beard is bare of such adornments and while when the time comes he will forge his beard beads he generally does not believe in wearing jewelry, preferring to be dress for battle rather than aesthetics. He stands about the average height for a dwarf but is slightly more muscular than most.

Rothar Always has his shield and axe close at hand and rarely takes his armor off (sometimes even sleeping in it). While they are nothing special, Rothar has made much finer weapons himself, he must be ready to defend himself and his love ones to the death at anytime.

Although he is a staunch defender and always ready for a battle, he is generally a jovial dwarf. Rothar loves to recount old stories from dwarf history, legends and jokes over ale. Inheriting a cast-iron stomach and his silver tongue from his father, as Tulthur and all the men of clan Rockhide have since Torgaulf himself.

As a paladin Rothar hates lying and all dark arts, although his interpretation of what is a dark art is a tad loose on account of being one of the Earthforgers a primal power that Torgaulf was said to have mastered before the rebellion against the giants. Rothar believes in being a fair in judicious leader always wanting to hear both sides of the story, but is prone to the occasional rash decision when is honor or pride is at stake. The one thing Rothar can not stand is to see his kin live in a way that brings dishonor to his kind and the Dwarf-Father, Moradin.


Rothar, son of Thane Tulthor of the Clan Rockhide, claims direct descent from the line of Torgaulf, chosen of Moradin who led the dwarves’ rebellion against the giants in ancient times.

After the rebellion, Torgaulf and his clan established the hold of Tol-Zurbak (“Blade’s Rest”) in the region of the Mountains of Might that would eventually become known as Zarak-Thrum. Tol-Zurbak has been ruled by the Rockhide Clan judiciously ever since, with Torgaulf’s legendary axe Fjolgrimmar (“Giant-Slayer”) serving as the ruling Thane’s badge of office. Rothar, born on the anniversary of Torgaulf’s own name day, grew up with a special connection to his heroic ancestor; from a young age he trained to assume the role of Tol-Zurbak’s defender.

Recently, a great tragedy befell Clan Rockhide; Rothar was awoken on the morning of his 58th name day by his father’s steward and best friend Kodlak in a panic. Kodlak told Rothar that his father had been murdered, and Rothar had been set up to take the fall; the stronghold’s guards were clamoring for Rothar to be captured for questioning. Kodlak helped Rothar escape Zarak-Thrum and flee into the Mountains of Might, but there was no way to retrieve Fjolgrimmar without being caught.

Stunned, betrayed, and furious at losing his ancestor’s mighty axe, Rothar made his way south through the snow-covered mountains.

“Moradin, Torgaulf…help this one for I am weak,” Rothar prayed as he stumbled through the unforgiving terrain.

Through the blinding wind and snow, Torgaulf appeared to him, standing atop a nearby stone.

“I didn’t give up under the bonds of slavery, son,” the apparition spoke as he hopped down from the stone and placed his hands on Rothar’s shoulders. “You can make it through a spell of exile.”

“But Ancestor, they killed my father and they would kill me too if I return home.”

“Not all have forsaken Moradin and the path of righteousness; they will answer the call when you return. But a king must learn to protect himself so that he can protect his people.”

“Must I fight the very people I’ve trained to protect for so long, Ancestor?”

“You know we dwarves are hardheaded. Sometimes we need some protecting from ourselves,” Torgaulf told Rothar. “Seek out my lost shield, Zuf’geir (”Earth-Ward") and carry it home to Tol-Zurbak; the people will know you walk with the Maker’s favor, and rally to your cause."

Rothar knelt at his hero’s feet.

“I swear upon my very life that I, Rothar, son of Tulthor, of the clan Rockhide, will return home to reclaim your axe and restore our family to honor.”

Rothar Rockhide

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