I, Althaea, write this letter because I plan to leave the academy at first light. I have graduated from the scholar’s classes and I have finished reading every work in the library. Some of the older texts alluded to other works that have appear to been ‘lost’ to history. Works containing spells, alchemic recipes, potions to cure diseases and all kinds of beneficial knowledge is out there waiting to be found. I plan to travel to the burial site of an ancient Elf king where I since a source of great power. I do not know if I will ever return here. I have never attempted such a difficult spell before and I do not know what I will find. On my travels I shall keep a log, but I will record my history up until this point now and leave it here. That way at least part of my story will be recorded.

I was born in the Fey. My parents worked in the court of the Prince of Frost. My Father was a teacher and mother a poet. They instilled in me a love for reading writing and learning at an early age. My mother told me I was reading before I was walking.

When the Prince of Frost attacked the kingdoms of men my parents were irate and though it was dangerous they were very vocal about their opinion. “The Prince has gone too far this time,” my father would say, “All life is scared even that of the younger and seemingly less intelligent races.”

When I was still a very small child, my father made a formal plea to the Prince of Frost to put an end to the injustice he was carrying out against the mortals. The Prince declined. At dusk that day a group of The Prince of Frost best warriors to our house. My father fought them off so that my mother could focus all of her energy into a spell that would transport me to the Acadamy, to safety. My parents were no fighters and the warriors slew them that day.

I was taken in by the scholars here at the academy and have been living here studying every since. The mages here were astounded by my talent for the arcane arts at such a young age. While they would never admit it, were frightened of my affinity for fire magic, they instructed me never to practice in front of the other students.

On the day of our final lesson another student asked me where I would go now. The truth is I was too scarred to leave the academy so I stayed and studied longer, I was not the only student who did so. The academy has always been a safe haven from the Prince of Frost, but I’m done hiding now. In the morning I leave to search for lost knowledge, to start my efforts to improve civilization and to make my parents proud.


Ancient Echoes AmehhAdams