Red Harbor

Red Harbor perches along the shore of Ashaera’s Mirror, a stone’s throw from it’s confluence with the eastern fork of the Zehuari river.
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The good-sized harbor town (thrice as big as Hathwick) is dominated by a large, crowded wharf packed with merchant stalls. Fishmongers shout to passersby, advertising their wares. Other traders display a wide range of goods. Groups of sailors congregate in small clusters, swapping stories.

The town itself is comprised of claustrophobic streets with mostly wooden buildings, often piled atop one another in two or three stories, sometimes with catwalks running above the streets between the upper levels.

Numerous boats of many shapes and sizes bob up and down in the silty water along the docks.

Red Harbor earned its name because it is said that the river mouth turned crimson from all the blood spilled on the shores of Ashaera’s Mirror by Bal-Shanaari troops and seperatist rebels led by self-proclaimed King Durne during the Battle of the Mirror, around 1400 years prior.

Places of Interest

Red Harbor

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