813x463 14951 moated grange environment 3d fantasy landscape forest autumn environment house village picture image digital artA small town nestled within The Ardenwood, Hathwick is home to just under two hundred people. Founded many generations ago by loggers and hunters who left another village further to the south in search of more reliable game and virgin forests, Hathwick stands today as a modest collection of small buildings surrounded by a rudimentary palisade wall made from lashed-together timbers. Only a handful of tiny fields surround the town, as the rough soil is difficult to grow anything in beyond radishes, potatoes, and other basic vegetables; most of Hathwick’s industry centers around hunting and logging, while other supplies are acquired through trade with a handful of other villages to the east and south as well as semi-regular trade caravans from the Zehuar Valley to the west.

Hathwick, like many villages and towns in the wilds, is governed by a council of elders, chosen from among the oldest families in the settlement. These elders are responsible for solving disputes and making decisions about matters that affect the village as a whole, though being a small town this often includes a public forum where the villagers are able to give voice to their own concerns.

Hathwick is defended by a small cadre of town watch, equipped with basic iron weapons and shoddy armor. Despite their modest means, they are well-trained and kept in good physical condition by the current leader of the watch, Marshal Brand, an ex-mercenary with many years of experience. Like other settlements in the Ardenwood, numerous skirmishes over the years with elves, goblins, bandits, and other threats has kept the village’s defenders in a state of readiness.

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