Zufir Myskos

Tiefling Highwayman & Murderer


Make tiefling, early 30’s. Medium height, slender build. Deep crimson skin verging on maroon, shoulder-length black hair worn loose. Backwards-curving short black horns like those of a goat, feral yellow eyes, gleaming white teeth with prominent incisors. Upper body covered with geometric tiefling gang tattoos extending across chest, shoulders, down forearms etc. Smooth, rich voice with no trace of Bal-Shanaari accent; speaks slowly, tries to maintain a predatory air, relishes intimidating those he perceives to be weaker. Body language like that of a panther or similar predator, deceptively fluid but sinuous and lethal.


Zufir Myskos is a tiefling criminal, part of a small tiefling blood gang robbing merchants and travelers on the High Road until betraying them and making off with the score from their last victim, a minor nobleman and his retinue waylaid en route to Vaerhaven.

Zufir left his partners in the night and fled to the city in the hopes of fencing the goods and catching a boat downriver before his former gang brothers (and sister) could catch up to him, but ended up in a cell beneath the Bulwark following a disagreement with a merchant that ended in bloodshed. Charged with murder and scheduled to hang shortly, Zufir’s luck changed when a party of adventurers happened upon him and made a deal to secure his release in exchange for the loot he had planned to sell before his arrest.

Little did the adventurers (or Zufir, as he’d certainly claim) know, the gang had followed him to Vaerhaven and sussed out the warehouse he stored said loot in…

Zufir Myskos

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