Deputy Commander Norrin

Deputy Commander of the Vaerhaven City Guard/Changeling Impostor


As Norrin: Tall, athletic human in his early forties with close-cropped blond hair and beginning to go grey. Typically clean-shaven, with a scarred face. Speaks calmly and with a deep voice, not prone to humor or levity. Perpetually grim expression.

As Proximo: Typical lithe changeling build, short for a human. Pale white skin, large white eyes lacking pupils, wild shock of white hair. “Unfinished” face lacking definite features. Medium-pitched voice dripping with sarcastic amusement, lazy physical demeanor; slouches, sits with feet up, etc. Grins incessantly.


Kaelos Norrin was a competent but unremarkable captain of the Vaerhaven City Guard when he was captured and subsequently slain after a battle with the Cliffrunner Tribe of centaur; his identity was then assumed by the changeling Proximo, former Speaker of the Brotherhood of Keys and right hand to Sha’ir, who had been in hiding following the dissolution of the Brotherhood. He took advantage of the circumstances of Norrin’s disappearance and molded the formerly unsung Captain Norrin into an ambitious war hero, seemingly escaping the centaur and rallying a counter-attack which culminated in the slaying of their Thunderlord by Norrin’s own hand. He then spent the next year rising through the ranks and gaining prestige, eventually becoming Deputy Commander of the City Guard.

Suspecting Lord Commander Greyholt of playing a part in the capture and imprisonment of Sha’ir, the changeling impostor has now positioned himself in the perfect place to take steps towards freeing his erstwhile mistress and reviving the ancient Brotherhood.

Deputy Commander Norrin

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